Three Candidates File To Be CAC Members

Correction:  This post was based on erroneous information and remains here for transparencies sake. It also remains so that anyone referencing it later will see this correction. Regina Ross and Clinton C. Topp are from the Seventh District and filed one year prematurely. The district wasn’t specified in the original document, and CAC candidates were listed together.  Since only the District 4 CAC was up for a vote in 2020 the clerk may have assumed Regina Ross and Clinton C. Topp were seeking top be on the same CAC. Scotty Boman is the only candidate who’s name appeared on the ballot for the District #4 Community Advisory Council.

Detroit, MI – Three candidates for the District 4 Community Advisory Council have filed petitions with the Detroit City Clerk’s Department of Elections.  They are Scotty Boman, Regina Ross, and Clinton C. Topp. These candidates will be on the General Election ballot on November third, and will not appear on the primary ballot (which has already been printed).

The only other candidates to file with the City of Detroit to be placed directly (without winning a primary) onto the General Election ballot are 15 board of education candidates, and two Candidates for the District 2 vacancy on the Board of Police Commissioners.

Both the Community Advisory Council members and Detroit Community School District Board members are non-partisan.  Partisan candidates and candidates without party affiliation will also bypass the primary if they are not running as Democrats or Republicans. In 2018 Libertarian Party qualified to have a primary (Based on 2016 Presidential vote totals), but they lost that status based on gubernatorial vote totals.

Link here for a list of the candidates.

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