Thank you!

Scotty Boman with CAC information cards.

Scotty Boman with CAC information cards.

I (Scotty Boman) had the cards printed and have been distributing them since early May.

I will use any further contributions to this pool to print more or cover the annual bill for the website (About $25 with the domain name).

If 32 people pitch in $5 each, I can tell 5,000 voters about CAC’s

Dear concerned Detroiter:
In the Summer of 2019 I successfully petitioned to create a Community Advisory Council (CAC) for Detroit District 4.   Please read more about it here.
Unfortunately many of our neighbors know very little about community advisory councils and may not be well informed when candidates are on the ballot for these offices in November.  That is why I am willing to devote the days ahead to informing Detroiters in District 4 about this development.
Quite a bit of information is on this website, but how will people know to look here?  Well I can get 5,000 post cards in the hands of Detroiters for only $159.  If only thirty two people pitched in $5 each I could get this printed.  I will be able to distribute most of these and I have volunteers who can distribute the remainder.  I just need money to pay the printer.  Of course most people won’t contribute, so larger amounts are welcome.
Scotty Boman

District 4 Community Advisory Council back