Congratulations to Commissioner Willie Bell on his re-election to the Board of Police Commissioners. It’s time to move forward and work with one another to improve our city.

Civilian oversight, with respect for the law and civil liberties.

Note: Candidates for the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners were not on the August 8th primary ballot. They will be on the November 7th General Election ballot.

Thank you for your interest in improving our city.

I am Scotty Boman. With your help, I’ll be the next Police Commissioner for District 4.

I was Born and raised in Detroit, and have been a resident of the Morningside Community in District Four for fourteen years.

Scotty Boman on Patrol with MEC.

Scotty Boman on Patrol with MEC. Note: MEC Neighborhood patrol doesn’t endorse candidates and none is implied here.

As a civilian living in Detroit, I have often found the need to seek out assistance from the police. Like many of my neighbors I have been the victim of of break-ins and other crimes. I have also assisted police in their public safety efforts through my local radio patrol, Angels Night patrols, and being eyes and ears on the Detroit River Walk.

I have also been on the receiving end when some police officers strayed from their duty to serve and protect. I am a realist who knows that even the best people have bad days, and that no profession is immune to bad actors.

It is in this spirit that I see the need for a civilian commissioner who can truly be an advocate for concerned civilians who approach the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners with concerns about how police officers are doing their jobs, while being understanding of the herculean challenges faced by law enforcement in Detroit.

I have been on the executive board of the Morningside neighborhood association since I was first elected to it in 2013. and I was Vice President of my neighborhood Patrol for a few years, because I’m deeply involved in the Community and very concerned about the future of this City.