First District 4 Community Advisory Council Meeting

Detroit Community Advisory Council is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting

This is the first meeting of this elected public body.
It is an open meeting.

Topic: District 4 Community Advisory Council. Initial Meeting.
Time: Friday January 22nd, 2021 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting online:

Or join by conventional phone call:

(312) 626-6799
[Please enter Meeting ID and Passcode when prompted followed by “#”]

Meeting ID: 853 1253 0504
Passcode: 372912
Please use “*6” to mute or unmute and use “*9” to raise or lower your hand.

For additional information and updates please visit

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Thanksgiving Gift For District #4 Residents!

Please see this flyer Councilmember Spivey shared

Link to the form to reserve a box.

District 4 Give-away

District 4 Give-away

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Detroit District #4 Residents Elect Their First Community Advisory Council

Update: Since the initial posting of this article the Wayne  County Clerk’s office has posted some of the write-in votes for Gregory Creswell (3)  and Washington Youson (24). This confirms that there are three elected Community Advisory Council members for District #4.

Detroit, MI – On Tuesday community activist and community college Professor Scotty Boman was elected to Detroit’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) in District #4.  With 100% of the Precincts reporting he had 91.3% (20,305) of the vote with the remaining 1498 votes going to write-in candidates. In October 2019 he petitioned to create the political office he was ultimately elected to.  According to the Michigan Bureau of Elections’ “Election Officials’ Manual “… a minimum number of write-in votes is not required.”

Only two people submitted the required paperwork to have their write in votes counted: Gregory Creswell and Washington Youson. Since five CAC seats were available they are presumptive winners. Both candidates have run for office before. In 2017 Youson ran for the District 1 State Representative in a special election, but lost the Democratic primary and was not advanced to the General election. If he won he would have run against Gregory Creswell, who was running as a Libertarian for that same office.

Creswell said, “Ever since 1992, I have been active in politics by running for office and volunteering for other candidates. It’s a nice experience to engage the citizens of Detroit…To answer their questions, and to join them in discovering answers. It will be an honor to serve District #4. I will serve with honorable distinction, pride, and respect. I fully thank the voters of District 4 for their support.”

The two vacancies will be filled by 4th District Councilman Andre Spivey, and the five will conduct a search for persons well-qualified to serve as senior citizen’s issues representative and others as Youth Representative (This is the only body in Detroit government to have a voting member under 18).  The Councilman will chose on Senior citizen and youth representative from the list.

Scotty Boman spent the Summer of 2019 collecting 1,570 signatures on a petition to create a Community Advisory Council for Detroit’s fourth District.  District Four is the second of Detroit’s seven districts to establish a Community Advisory Council (CAC). Boman, filed the petitions on Tuesday October 1st following a brief news conference with Detroit’s Fourth District Councilman Andre Spivey.  According to the Detroit City Charter, “The purpose of these Councils is to improve citizen access to city government.”

The Seventh District was previously the only district in Detroit to have a CAC.  The CAC is composed of two appointed and five elected members. Seventh District voters chose the five elected members in the Presidential election in 2016. In spite of being in existence for four years, the website has conspicuously omitted any mention of their Community Advisory Council, its meetings, it’s members, or how to contact them.

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Two Write-in Candidates File to Be on the District 4 CAC

Detroit, MI – District four voters may chose from two write-in candidates for the District 4 Community Advisory Council.  They are Washington Youson and Gregory Creswell.

This Tuesday, you can vote for up to five, but only votes for Scotty Boman (balloted) , Gregory Creswell (write-in), and Washington Youson (write-in) will count.  There is no minimum number of candidates voters may chose.

Washington Youson.Gregory Creswell.
Washington Youson (Left) and Gregory Creswell (right). Source: Ballotpedia.

Michigan election law requires local write-in candidates to file a Declaration of Intent with their County Clerk by the second Friday preceding the election they are running in.  This year that was October 23rd.

There is only one balloted candidate (Scotty Boman), and their are five seats to fill.  So the most likely out come is that all three eligible candidates (Boman, Creswell, and Youson) will be elected.  According to the Detroit City Charter, and the municipal code, the remaining vacancies will be filled by the District representative on the Detroit City Council.  That person is Council Member Andre Spivey.

The next step will be for the new CAC to submit recommendations for a senior issues and youth representative to the Council Representative, and he will chose one person from that list for each position.

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Three Candidates File To Be CAC Members

Correction:  This post was based on erroneous information and remains here for transparencies sake. It also remains so that anyone referencing it later will see this correction. Regina Ross and Clinton C. Topp are from the Seventh District and filed one year prematurely. The district wasn’t specified in the original document, and CAC candidates were listed together.  Since only the District 4 CAC was up for a vote in 2020 the clerk may have assumed Regina Ross and Clinton C. Topp were seeking top be on the same CAC. Scotty Boman is the only candidate who’s name appeared on the ballot for the District #4 Community Advisory Council.

Detroit, MI – Three candidates for the District 4 Community Advisory Council have filed petitions with the Detroit City Clerk’s Department of Elections.  They are Scotty Boman, Regina Ross, and Clinton C. Topp. These candidates will be on the General Election ballot on November third, and will not appear on the primary ballot (which has already been printed).

The only other candidates to file with the City of Detroit to be placed directly (without winning a primary) onto the General Election ballot are 15 board of education candidates, and two Candidates for the District 2 vacancy on the Board of Police Commissioners.

Both the Community Advisory Council members and Detroit Community School District Board members are non-partisan.  Partisan candidates and candidates without party affiliation will also bypass the primary if they are not running as Democrats or Republicans. In 2018 Libertarian Party qualified to have a primary (Based on 2016 Presidential vote totals), but they lost that status based on gubernatorial vote totals.

Link here for a list of the candidates.

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District 4 Community Advisory Council In Effect By Statute

Detroit, MI – The requirements to establish a Community Advisory Council (CAC) for district 4 were met last October when the petitions were submitted, but that wasn’t the end of the story.  The City ordinance that should reflect the Charter was not updated and District 7 remained the only district with a CAC under the municipal code.

The Department of elections follows the municipal code, and those statutes must be approved by the Detroit City Council.  This needed to pass through a committee before going before the body of the whole.  Those responsible weren’t in any big rush, then at the beginning of the year we got an unwanted surprise in the form of the COVID-19 virus.

The City Council rarely met, and when they did the committee meetings (or the placement of the District 4 CAC on the agenda) kept getting postponed. Then, on May 20th the Internal Operations Standing Committee scheduled a Public Hearing relative to the District 4 CAC for Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 10:10 A.M. via Zoom.  The committee approved it, so then it was ready for the body of the whole.

The City Council approved the ordinance to amend Chapter 12 of the 2019 Detroit City Code, Community Development, on May 26th with a waiver of reconsideration. Once a waiver was attached, the Clerk gave the business of that day to the Mayor’s Office no later than the end of business that following day for his signature. He had up to 7 business days to return that business with his signature to the City Clerks Office.

The City Council legal office enacted the ordinance and sent it to the Detroit Legal News for publishing. The Detroit Legal News typically publishes items requested three to four days after receipt.  Apparently nothing is official until it is published in the Detroit Legal News.

On June 2nd it was published.

District 4 Community Advisory Council ordinance approved. Posted Jun second.

District 4 Community Advisory Council ordinance approved. Posted Jun second.

How to get on the ballot

Those wishing to be on the November ballot must collect a minimum of 200 valid signatures from registered voters in District 4 by July 21st.  They must be collected on a non-partisan nominating petition.  The word “primary” must be stricken and “general” written above.  Contact the Detroit City Clerk for additional details.

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Public Hearing on Establishing a Community Advisory Council in District 4

Link to PDF of the official document

May 12, 2020

Ms. Tonja Long, Law Department Ms. Christina Kennedy, Law Department Ms. Lakisha Barclift, Legislative Policy Division Mr. David Whitaker, Director, Legislative Policy Division

RE: Public hearing on establishing a Community Advisory Council in District 4.Public Hearing – District 4 CAC

The Internal Operations Standing Committee has scheduled a PUBLIC HEARING relative to the above captioned matter for WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2020 AT 10:10 A.M. via Zoom. Please plan to be present.

To attend online: – Meeting ID: 330332554  To attend by phone only, call one of these numbers: +1-929-436-2866, +1-312626-6799, +1-669-900-6833, +1-253-215-8782, +1-301-715 8592, or +1-346248-7799

Enter Meeting ID: 330332554##

Very truly yours,

Janice M. Winfrey City Clerk


cc: Ms. Avery Peeples, Legislative Liaison, Mayor’s Office Ms. Paul Corbett, Legislative Policy Analyst, Office of Council Member Roy McCalister


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Information provided by JUVETTE HAWKINS-WILLIAMS

Breakfast and lunch and Academic Packets will be available starting Wednesday, March 18 at 58 DPSCD buildings. Students will not be allowed to enter the building:

  • A “grab-and-go” breakfast will be served, Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
  • A “grab-and-go” lunch will be served from 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Academic K-8 learning packets with a focus on Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies can be picked-up at the same 58 school locations listed below.
All school locations listed below are linked to Google Maps for school address and locations.
  • A “grab-and-go” breakfast will be served, Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
  • A “grab-and-go” lunch will be served from 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Academic K-8 learning packets with a focus on Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies can be picked-up at the same 58 school locations listed below.
All school locations listed below are linked to Google Maps for school address and locations.
  7. BOW 
  12. CARVER
  14. CLARK 
  17. CODY HS
  19. COOKE 
  20. DAVISON 
  21. DENBY 
  24. DIXON
  25. DOSSIN
  31. GARDNER 
  32. GARVEY
  41. KING, J.R.
  42. LAW 
  44. MANN 
  46. MUMFORD 
  47. NOBLE
  48. NOLAN 
  49. OSBORN 
  52. PRIEST 
  54. SAMPSON 
  56. WAYNE
  57. WESTERN 
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“Restorin’ E. Warren” Business and Community Meeting

I just found out about this from a friend and it concerns me that this is such a well kept secret.

The “Restorin’ E. Warren” Business and Community Meeting is at the ZAB Cultural Collective tonight, February 20th.
16927 E Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48224


1. Welcome
2. Introductions
3. New Business
4. Library Opening 2./26!
5. Detroit Future City GSI Meeting in April
6. E. Warren Cadieux Planning Study
7. Design Center in a Box
8. Charter One RFP
9. City Report out
10. New Business


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Detroit City Council Charter Mandated Community Meeting 2-18-2019

The Detroit City Council is holding an Evening Community Meeting in District 4.

Wayne County Community District College – East Campus 5901 Conner St. , Detroit, MI 48213

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Representatives of City departments will be present to note complaints, explain departmental plans and policies and assist citizens with resolutions of complaints and concerns
The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department will be present to discuss billing issues, payment plans and other resident concerns.
DTE Energy will be present to discuss tree trim concerns, 4.8 kv hardening/reliability, issues, safety around wire-down and billing issues.
Departments resources table present:

Building, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department

  • Detroit At Works
  • Detroit Animal Care and Control
  • General Services Department
  • Department of Public Works

Community Meeting Announcement

Community Meeting Announcement

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