Fundraiser September 18th

Monday September 18th
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Cadieux Cafe
4300 Cadieux Rd, Detroit
Michigan 48224

$20 Contribution
(More is welcome, but the law requires that contributions over $20 must be made by charge, check or money order).

Please join us over some hors d’oeuvres in a conversation about making Detroit safe again so that every neighborhood will have a future! Scotty Boman will talk about civilian oversight with respect for the law and civil liberties.

This is a fundraiser for Scotty Boman’s campaign to be elected as the Fourth District’s Representative on the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners so please bring check books or plastic!

A minimum contribution of $20 is required to participate (This is the maximum allowed cash contribution). So if you just want to help out at that level cash payments are fine.

If you already made a contribution of $20 or more to the campaign, the participation fee is optional and must be paid by check, credit or debit.

The $20 will be rebated to anyone putting in significant volunteer hours between now and the election.

Please RSVP accurately. There is limited seating but I can reserve more if I know ahead of time.

Advanced donations may be made here.

and you may RSVP here.


I’m running low on these. $400 will get me 10,000 new ones… with a new look.

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Thank you to the OGW for including me in this parade!

I wish to thank the “Obama Grassroots Walkers” for hosting this parade and making me part of it. I also thank them for their endorsement of my campaign for Detroit Police Commissioner for District 4. Police Commission Candidates aren’t on the Primary Ballot, but will be included in the November 7th General Election.

For more information about the parade go here:

For more information about OBGW please visit the “Mall.”

Parade Information

You are cordially invited to attend the GOTV Obama Grassroots Walkers parade. The parade will be held on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. starting at the Family Fair Food Center, located at 700 Chene Street, Detroit, Michigan 48207.

• The Parade Marshal Line-up at 2:00 p.m.

• Step off is at 3:00p.m.

Parade Directions: The parade route has changed we will be at Chene and Lafayette organizing at 1 p.m. and will step out at 3 p.m. go down Bradsby Dr/ McDougall to make a right hand turn on Vernor will take Vernor down to Meldrum to Gratiot here we will be at the lot across the street and at Casablanca Lounge where the parade will end and our candidates will speak.

OGW GOTV PArade Flyer

OGW GOTV PArade Flyer

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July 14th Voter Forum

Be an informed voter!

Come out for our 3rd forum, this time with candidates for City Clerk, State Representative and Police Commissioner.

Take this opportunity to hear from candidates and get the answers you seek as you make your election decisions.

Sponsored by the GCBC Community Outreach & Political Action Ministry.

RSVP on Facebook:

Today at 6 PM – 7 PM

Greater Christ Baptist Church
3544 Iroquois St, Detroit, Michigan 48214

Candidate Forum Flyer GCBC

Candidate Forum Flyer GCBC

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Scotty Boman Endorsed by Police Commissioner and Grassroots Activist

For Immediate Release

Detroit MI – Long-time libertarian activist and physics professor Scotty Boman is running for office again. This time, however, he is starting out with some significant endorsements. Boman was scheduled to be on Detroit’s August 8th Primary Ballot for District 4 Police Commissioner. His only opponent is Detroit Board of Police Commissioners Chairperson, Willie Bell. So the two names won’t appear on the primary ballot, but will automatically be listed on the general election ballot in November.

“I am going into this with some key endorsements,” said Boman. One such endorsement is from 5th District incumbent Commissioner Willie E. Burton (Not to be confused with Boman’s opponent Willie Bell). “Mr. Burton and I would work well together and it would be an honor to be at his side on the Board.” Said Boman

Burton said, “The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners was created 1974 as a civilian oversight board, not a way for the police to police themselves. My friend Scotty Boman is the most qualified candidate in the 4th District for this reason and others: He is a college professor that prepares young adults for their future. He is a hard-working, trust worthy champion of justice. He is a man of great integrity, which is priceless in a world where political corruption has become far too common.”

Another endorsement comes from Maurice Badgett Jr. of Detroit Obama Grassroots Walkers. “We have a common desire to listen closely to people in the community who may not have the resources to garner the attention of establishment politicians.” Boman said.
Boman has been in every regular partisan election as a Libertarian since he ran for State Representative in 1994, but Boman says these were fundamentally different types of campaigns. “For the most part, these were educational campaigns; I provided an alternative perspective to the public discourse.”

Boman said, “This time I have a much higher likelihood of winning. I have been seeking and getting support from people in my community. Many of my supporters are Democrats, who share my views on local issues that transcend partisan clichés.” Detroit municipal elections are non-partisan, so all candidates for a given office are listed together in the primary.

This won’t be the first time he ran for non-partisan office in Detroit. In 1997 he ran for Detroit City Council, he was a write-in candidate for local school board in 2010 and in 2013 he ran for Detroit City Clerk. Since then, says Boman, he has strengthened his relationship with community activists. He was recently re-elected to the Board of his neighborhood association in MorningSide and served as Vice President of his local Radio Patrol until last year when he resigned do to schedule constraints.


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