Two Write-in Candidates File to Be on the District 4 CAC

Detroit, MI – District four voters may chose from two write-in candidates for the District 4 Community Advisory Council.  They are Washington Youson and Gregory Creswell.

This Tuesday, you can vote for up to five, but only votes for Scotty Boman (balloted) , Gregory Creswell (write-in), and Washington Youson (write-in) will count.  There is no minimum number of candidates voters may chose.

Washington Youson.Gregory Creswell.
Washington Youson (Left) and Gregory Creswell (right). Source: Ballotpedia.

Michigan election law requires local write-in candidates to file a Declaration of Intent with their County Clerk by the second Friday preceding the election they are running in.  This year that was October 23rd.

There is only one balloted candidate (Scotty Boman), and their are five seats to fill.  So the most likely out come is that all three eligible candidates (Boman, Creswell, and Youson) will be elected.  According to the Detroit City Charter, and the municipal code, the remaining vacancies will be filled by the District representative on the Detroit City Council.  That person is Council Member Andre Spivey.

The next step will be for the new CAC to submit recommendations for a senior issues and youth representative to the Council Representative, and he will chose one person from that list for each position.

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