District 4 Community Advisory Council In Effect By Statute

Detroit, MI – The requirements to establish a Community Advisory Council (CAC) for district 4 were met last October when the petitions were submitted, but that wasn’t the end of the story.  The City ordinance that should reflect the Charter was not updated and District 7 remained the only district with a CAC under the municipal code.

The Department of elections follows the municipal code, and those statutes must be approved by the Detroit City Council.  This needed to pass through a committee before going before the body of the whole.  Those responsible weren’t in any big rush, then at the beginning of the year we got an unwanted surprise in the form of the COVID-19 virus.

The City Council rarely met, and when they did the committee meetings (or the placement of the District 4 CAC on the agenda) kept getting postponed. Then, on May 20th the Internal Operations Standing Committee scheduled a Public Hearing relative to the District 4 CAC for Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 10:10 A.M. via Zoom.  The committee approved it, so then it was ready for the body of the whole.

The City Council approved the ordinance to amend Chapter 12 of the 2019 Detroit City Code, Community Development, on May 26th with a waiver of reconsideration. Once a waiver was attached, the Clerk gave the business of that day to the Mayor’s Office no later than the end of business that following day for his signature. He had up to 7 business days to return that business with his signature to the City Clerks Office.

The City Council legal office enacted the ordinance and sent it to the Detroit Legal News for publishing. The Detroit Legal News typically publishes items requested three to four days after receipt.  Apparently nothing is official until it is published in the Detroit Legal News.

On June 2nd it was published.

District 4 Community Advisory Council ordinance approved. Posted Jun second.

District 4 Community Advisory Council ordinance approved. Posted Jun second.

How to get on the ballot

Those wishing to be on the November ballot must collect a minimum of 200 valid signatures from registered voters in District 4 by July 21st.  They must be collected on a non-partisan nominating petition.  The word “primary” must be stricken and “general” written above.  Contact the Detroit City Clerk for additional details.

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