Regular Meeting of the District 4 CAC November 8

Link here to download the approved minutes for this meeting.

Topic: District 4 Community Advisory Council Meeting
Time:7:00 PM. November 8th

Physical location:
Bethany Lutheran Church
11475 E, Outer Dr E, Detroit, MI 48224

There will be an attempt at streaming this meeting via Zoom.
We will attempt to accommodate some remote participation, but working with mixed formats may prove problematic and anyone wishing to participate should consider appearing in person: Join Zoom Meeting online:

Join Zoom Meeting

Dial by your location
(312) 626-6799
Meeting ID: 834 2856 3744
Passcode: 4

Tentative Agenda
I. Call to Order and Roll Call. Scotty Boman – Chair.
a) Introduction Of City Council President (or her Representative)
b) Introduction of guest elected officials.
II. Adoption of Agenda (Formatted to Sec. 14-9-26 of Detroit Municipal Code).
III. Approval of prior meeting minutes – Secretary.
IV. Presentations, Hearings, and Discussions
a) To be announced.
b) Members and the Council Representative are encouraged to request to have presentations
placed on the agenda in advance, and to send as much information as possible to all members.
V. Unfinished Business
a) Planning Letter or News conference on in-availability of side-lots and other apparent unfairness concerning residents living North of I-94 in District 4.
b) Current community concerns. Plans of action.
VI. New Business
a) CAC election results.
b) How redistricting will effect the future of this CAC.
C) Discussion of Youth Advisor position. Looking forward.
VII. Reports
a) Location of last 2021 regular meeting (December 13th)
VIII. Public Comment
IX. Adjournment

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