Regular CAC Meeting October 11, 7PM 

Meeting location:  East Lake Baptist Church. 12400 E. Jefferson Ave Detroit MI 48215

Link here to download the approved minutes for this meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting online:
Meeting ID: 834 2856 3744
Passcode: 4
By phone:  312 626 6799

I. Call to Order and Roll Call. Scotty Boman – Chair.
a)    Introduction of additional appointee(s) to this CAC: Youth member?
b)   Introduction of City Council Representative (or staff)
c)     Introduction of guest elected officials.
II. Adoption of Agenda (Formatted to Sec. 14-9-26 of Detroit Municipal Code).
III. Approval of prior meeting minutes – Secretary Creswell.
IV. Presentations, Hearings, and Discussions
a) Water and Flood relief updates.
b) Guest Speaker on Proposal E: Moudou Baqui of Decriminalize Nature Detroit.
c)Proposal R & S presentation?
V. Unfinished Business
a) Questionable property permitting practices.
b) Side-lot acquisition issues.
VI. New Business
a) Post-presentation Discussion.
VII. Reports
VIII. Public Comment (Includes candidates for office).
IX. Adjournment

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  1. I’ll be there with bells on.


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