Update (6PM Sunday now) Meeting Scheduled for Friday January 29 7PM

I regret to report that neither appointed member attended the meeting.

The Charter requires us to select a list of potential Youth Members and Senior Issues Representatives by the end of the month. This defaults to Monday since that date is on a Sunday.

We will reschedule for Sunday night at 6:00 PM with the hope that the appointed members will fulfill their duties. I am thankful that my fellow elected members have given up their private time for three meetings.

This problem stems from a definition of “quorum” in the City Code that we must have 4 members attend, instead of a “majority” as stated in the Charter. So the 100% of members who attended on Wednesday, and the 60% who attended tonight (assuming there are 2 appointees) aren’t recognized as a quorum by the City Council even though each was sufficient to conform to the only definition of quorum in the Detroit City Charter.

The District 4 Community Advisory Council will meet on Friday January 29th to confirm motions that tentatively passed at the January 22nd and 27th meetings including the nomination list of a Senior issues Representatives and Youth Representatives.*

After speaking with the Legislative Policy Director we have learned that residents of District 4 can submit additional names to be on our list for the appointed offices of Senior Issues Representative and Youth Member. This list will be finalized at the end of the meeting.

We expect the appointment of two additional members by Councilmember Spivey. This will bring us into conformance with the Detroit City Code regarding the quorum rule. We scheduled the Wednesday January 27th Meeting with the hope that the appointment of at least one additional member would have happened by then.

According to the Legislative policy director and Councilmember Spivey’s Chief of staff the list of Senior Issues Representative and You Member nominees (Which is due on January 31st) Will still be accepted on Monday.

Topic: District 4 Community Advisory Council. Official Meeting.
Time: Friday January 29th, 2021 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting online:

Or join by conventional phone call:

(312) 626-6799
[Please enter Meeting ID and Passcode when prompted followed by “#”]

Meeting ID: 853 1253 0504
Passcode: 372912
Please use “*6” to mute or unmute and use “*9” to raise or lower your hand.

* Because of the quorum rule the votes were tentative, not official. Assuming all three elected members are present, they will comprise a majority of the five members in office Friday night. Two more will be appointed in February.

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