An Open Letter to the City Council

Dear City Council:
Council member contact information is available by linking to this page, scrolling down. and selecting the picture of a member.
It has come to my attention that the Municipal code has not been updated to reflect the current reality (The establishment of a Community Advisory Council in District 4 by petition):
Paragraph (d):
Erroneously reads, “District 4: The Community Advisory Council for District 4 has not yet been established in accordance with Section 9-102 of the Charter.”

Please correct this.  I am assuming it will be procedural and non-controversial.

This other issue is a little more complicated…
Furthermore, the City Clerk has informed me that CAC candidates will not be in the primary since the Municipal Code specifies the next “General election.”  This conflicts with the City Charter which says the candidates will be in the next election in which all Detroiters may vote.   It also leaves open the possibility that 20 candidates will be on the ballot in the general election for only 5 seats; so the top five vote getters may have a very small percentage of the total vote.  It would seem appropriate to have them in a non-partisan portion of the August primary ballot.  It is customary to have all offices in the primary unless the number of candidates is so small that all would automatically advance to the general election.
So I urge the council to look into the possibility of amending this ordinance to include these candidates in the primary if there is sufficient time to do this.
Scotty Boman
District 4 resident.
Successful petitioner for creating a CAC in District 4
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