Website Re-tasked to Educate People on Community Advisory Council

This website is dedicated to raising public awareness about the new Community Advisory Council (CAC) in Detroit’s Fourth District.  I am Scotty Boman, the petitioner whose efforts are responsible for creating the CAC.  Since I already owned a website for my 2017 Board of Police Commissioner campaign, I decided to re-task it for the more timely purpose of informing people about this most recent addition to Detroit’s local government.

When the members of the council are elected, I hope they set up a website that belongs to the CAC.  If it is a paid site they will need to obtain an EIN and set up a business account at a bank.  They will need to be supported by voluntary donations.  I know from experience that this isn’t very expensive.  If they need any help I will be glad to lend a hand.

The receipt I was given upon filing the petitions is here:

Click to access petitionfilingreceipt.pdf

The confirmation letter that the petitions were approved is here:

Click to access cac-confirmationd4.pdf


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