Unbought And Unbossed

I delayed posting a press release here because I thought it was more interesting in context then as a stand-alone item. It was emailed to members of the news media on a timely basis and while some found the issues interesting, no articles were written on this specific matter.

I raised the same issues in the Community Comments section of the October 5th Board of Police Commissioners meeting. The exchange may be viewed here starting at the -16:45 minute mark.

Commissioner Reginald Crawford had some interesting remarks including the attributing the source of the phrase, “Unbought and Unbossed” to Honorable Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm of New York. I was inspired by his commitment to integrity and his eloquent delivery. He made it clear that he wouldn’t take endorsements or money from anyone whose case could come before the committee.

Police Commissioner, Boman, Invites Commissioners To Reject Contributions From Contractors

Press Conference Scheduled

Police Commissioner Candidate Scotty Boman will hold a Press Conference immediately after the October 5th Meeting of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, where he hopes to be joined by Commissioners who reject conflicts of interest. Specifically, he is asking commissioners, and candidates seeking that office, to agree to the following statement:

As principled candidates for the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, we come together to affirm the need for integrity in government. The Detroit BoPC makes a number of decisions that directly and indirectly effect the contracting of services by the Detroit Police Department. We therefore pledge to refrain from accepting campaign contributions from contractors of the Detroit Police Department.

The conference comes one week after a BoPC meeting where Chairperson Lisa Carter shut down discussion of a question asked by Boman. At that meeting he asked commissioners, “…would you be comfortable accepting $500 campaign contributions from a towing contractor given the Board of Police Commissioner’s role in decisions regarding towing contracts?” Fourth District Commissioner Bell accepted $500 from Troy Ginyard, owner of Troy’s towing, while running for State Representative in 2016. Bell has voted on matters regarding towing contacts both before and after accepting the contribution.
“I would like to think that conflicts of interest, like those embraced by Bell, are the exception and not the rule on the Commission. I would like to think that I am not the only candidate for commissioner who wishes to stay clear of conflicts of interest like these.”

The location and timing are approximate, “I want this conference to be convenient for commissioners and candidates to attend. If we can’t have this discussion at the headquarters, then somewhere nearby will have to do, be it in the parking lot or out by the street. Meetings typically end around 4:30 PM, but they vary in duration. I want Commissioners to be able to chime in without missing out on their duty to attend the duration of the meeting. So when it ends, we can take questions.” Said Boman.

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